Pango is very energetic. Let's get things done professionally and have fun doing it.” 

Jenise H. | Escrow Assistant | Glen Oaks Escrow

Jenise H.

Over the past year, how have Pango Group and your team helped you grow professionally and personally?

Implementing a new software system, learning the nuances of a new escrow officer and new clients, and striving to be the best I can be.

How have the company values played a part in how you manage your day, both at work and home?

With daily support from Pango Group through a variety of contacts, people, and media, there is a constant reminder to be a good person and strive for the best, whether at work or home.

What is your fondest memory after working at Pango Group over the past year?

Some of my fondest memories have been learning more about Jeff and Scott and how they do their part and are just good people!