“The onboarding process was so welcoming! I felt welcome in a place that was so family-oriented. And, it all started from the first phone call from HR.” 

Ronald M. | Receptionist and Escrow Assistant | Glen Oaks Escrow

Ronald Day One Pango Group

Name three things that led you to decide to join Pango Group?

Opportunity, growth, and family values.

How does our onboarding process differ over the first few weeks from other companies you've worked for?

It was honestly one of the most welcoming onboarding programs! I felt welcome in a place that felt so family-oriented. It all started from the first phone call from HR. They not only helped me along with the process but also guided me all the way through. They ensured I was okay during the entire transition, introducing me to a GREAT team who understands how day one can be and how Pango is just all-in-all a great place to be!

What were you most excited about on your first day?

The most exciting thing is that you never stop learning. I am also very happy that I started as a temp and was hired full-time that same year. The opportunities given to me by my managers who have invested in me by asking me to join their team have been exceptional. And I definitely feel blessed and thankful for more they can possibly imagine! 

What about Pango Group's mission, values, vision, and company culture excites you the most?

I am proud to be part of an industry where there are open doors for opportunities and growth. It's something you appreciate when you are working with a great team of people.