“We are a family of companies dedicated to providing a superior customer service experience in every transaction.” 

Michael L. | Business Development Representative | California Settlement Services

Pango Group Year One Stories Michael

How have the company values played a part in how you manage your day, both at work and home?

The part about having tough conversations has impacted me the most. Before, I would let resentment build up over time due to not discussing issues with colleagues. Now, if I believe in something, I fight for it passionately. And even if we don't come to the conclusion I necessarily agree with, I respect the fact we discussed it in the first place.  

What is your fondest memory after working at Pango Group over the past year?

There are two of them. The first was the All Company Meeting...what a blast! The second was a Nerf gun war we had at the Encinitas office.

Over the past year, how have Pango Group and your team helped you grow professionally and personally?

I'm learning how to be more strategic. I always have believed that I was a hard worker, but working smarter hasn't always been easy. I now want to maximize my time working while I'm at the office. This doesn't always mean working from 9-5, but it means I know I'm here to work, and I want to be the best I can be at my job.